Hardly any other European city can boast such a rich musical heritage as Leipzig. As the birthplace of Richard Wagner and the place where Bach, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the Schumanns and Mahler worked, Leipzig is a must for music lovers. Leipzig is also famous for the Peaceful Revolution of 1989.

But the city not only thrives on its past, but also delights with its lively art scene, plenty of nature and a relaxed attitude to life. The renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra, the 800-year-old St Thomas's Boys Choir and the Leipzig Opera are musical institutions of world renown. Regular festivals such as the Bach Festival pay tribute to Leipzig's musicians and bring the city's great musical tradition to life. The Leipziger Notenspur (Leipzig Music Trail), which invites visitors on a musical tour of the city along original sites, also contributes to this.

The formerly industrial west of the city has developed into a hotspot for creative people. Numerous exhibition spaces, manufactories and boutiques make Plagwitz one of the city's most dynamic quarters. A mecca for art lovers is the site of the former cotton mill. Over 100 artists live and work here, including Neo Rauch.

Klein-Vendig? But yes! Leipzig's nickname is no coincidence, for over 300km of waterways criss-cross the metropolis and lead right to the city's gates in the Leipziger Neuseenland. A unique mix of water and culture awaits active sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation. Whether it's a boat trip, water sports or relaxing, everyone gets their money's worth here. Leipzig - refreshingly versatile.

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