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Museums by the Sea Kiel

The Museums by the Sea in Kiel are home to over 300 years of science, art from ancient times through to the modern day, and an interactive learning experience for families and experts.

The network of museums comprises eight Kiel museums and galleries, with exhibitions and events that are designed to complement one another. Visitors can look forward to an exciting programme of activities suitable for all age groups and surprising insights into the cultural diversity of Schleswig-Holstein's maritime capital.

The GEOMAR Aquarium gives domestic and exotic sea creatures a home in a natural environment. In total, there are 16 tanks that mimic the natural habitats of the North and Baltic Sea, the North Atlantic and the tropical coral reefs. The collection on show at Kiel Art Hall encompasses paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and artefacts spanning 600 centuries, with the 19th and 20th centuries being heavily represented. Alongside temporary collection displays, special exhibitions offer further insight into the current global art scene. The collection at the Museum of Medical and Pharmaceutical History and the exhibitions at the City and Maritime Museum at the Fischhalle and Warleberger Hof are also well worth a look.

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