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Schott Glass Museum Jena

The Glass Technology Laboratory founded by Otto Schott in 1884 is now home to the Schott Glass Museum, which provides fascinating insights into Otto Schott's life, incredible innovations and new products.

The exhibition in the villa where the prominent scientist once lived looks into all aspects of Otto Schott's eventful life, featuring a great many exhibits such as photographs, furniture and everyday items. Videos and images tell us about the company's history, from the very beginnings to its rise as a global technology giant, taking in the division and reunification of Germany along the way. Schott and the history of the company are brought to life here to great effect.

The scientists and technicians at Schott have been developing new techniques and products tailored specifically to the special glass segment for more than 130 years now. And the result has been no end of truly incredible innovations for virtually all sectors – architecture, design, aviation, medical technology, optics, energy and the environment. Visitors to the Schott Museum can also learn about how Schott plans to overcome the challenges of the future with its special glass and other high-tech materials. Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday: 1 pm—5 pm

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