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Simeonstift City Museum Trier

The Simeonstift City Museum in Trier is home to impressive artefacts from the worlds of art and culture from the early modern period to the 21st century. The core collection is made up of sizeable donations from notable Trier residents.

The Simeonstift City Museum, formerly known as Trier City Museum, is located in the buildings of what used to be St. Simeon's Collegiate Church, right next to the Porta Nigra Roman city gate in the Brunnenhof area. The permanent exhibition showcases relics from the worlds of art and culture from the early modern period to the 20th century and provides insight into the everyday life of Trier's residents, covering business and trade, politics and religion, art and technology.

The collection areas are just as eclectic and are divided up into paintings, sculptures, arts and craft, Coptic textiles, furniture and East Asian figurines. The Trebeta Hall on the ground floor is named after the legendary founder of the city of Trier, who was the son of the King of Assyria. A large-scale oil painting depicting the legend can be seen at the museum. The Red Hall focuses on the history of Trier from ancient times to the present day. Then there are temporary special exhibitions on Trier-based artists and other topics relating to the city. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–5 pm

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