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Wall Museum – Checkpoint Charlie

The museum at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most popular museums in Berlin, documents the history of Germany as a divided country.

A symbol of the tensions between the major world powers, Checkpoint Charlie became the world's most famous border crossing within a city. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum has a permanent exhibition on the history of the Berlin Wall and many other related topics, including the East German Stasi, opposition, resistance and the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. Items on display include historical photographs and escape exhibits, such as an armoured escape vehicle and a mini submarine.

The permanent exhibition is continually being added to and now also provides an in-depth look at artistic impressions of the wall and a broad spectrum of artists' commitment to human rights in general. Numerous internationally renowned artists are represented by their masterpieces, including Bril, Brusilovsky, Bulatov, Roseline Granet, Hajek, Heiliger, Hannah Höch, Masson, Penck, Reuter, Tapies. Opening times: Every day: 9 am–10 pm

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