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Wolfsburg Art Museum

Wolfsburg Art Museum is an incredible centre showcasing modern and contemporary art. The collection consists of more than 600 pieces of art from around the world, some of which are in video format.

The period covered by the collection starts with Minimal Art, Concept Art and Arte Povera, with 1968 having been selected as the cut-off point as a time of major upheaval in the art world and wider society. This is in keeping with the original vision of focusing on major artistic movements and representing them through work phases, series, profiles and the like. Special emphasis is placed on photography and film/video as these are key media in modern culture.

The works making up the high-end collection are mostly divided up into themes and showcased in temporary exhibitions, Wolfsburg Art Museum does also look into aspects of Classical Modernism alongside its mainstay of contemporary art. Plus, the museum's guiding principles bring aspects of the modern industrial city of Wolfsburg to the fore too. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am–6 pm

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