Due to the ongoing worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, European countries continue to take a variety of measures to combat the spread of the virus. Travel restrictions and special hygiene regulations therefore continue to apply, which also affect Germany.

RKI’s list of current risk areas (scroll down to “English Archive”)

Before you travel: Information on entering Germany

The Robert Koch Institute continuously assesses the current situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and the Federal Government classifies countries with high case numbers as risk areas according to this assessment.

  • If you are entering Germany from a risk area, you must present a negative Coronavirus test or go directly to your home – or destination – upon arrival and remain isolated for a period of two weeks (home quarantine). You must also inform your local public health office immediately
  • You can obtain more info, e.g. if your home country counts as a risk area and further information on your entry into Germany at your responsible German embassy abroad
  • When traveling with Deutsche Bahn, passengers who enter Germany directly from a high-risk area must enter their contact details and destination in an online form
  • When travelling to Germany by plane, please contact your airline in order to receive information about the current regulations in place

Current information on entering Germany as a travel destination
Latest information from the European Union about entry restrictions

During your stay: Behavioural advice in public

  • In order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany, some distance and hygiene regulations must still be observed.
  • In public, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people should be maintained if possible
  • In certain areas such as public transport, shopping or gastronomy, it is still obligatory to wear masks in several federal states
  • In some federal states, fines may be imposed without prior warning in case of violation of this obligation
  • The maximum number of people for meetings in public spaces or restaurants varies from state to state
  • For museums and other cultural offerings there may be access restrictions and you might have to register in advance, depending on the travel region

Current information about restrictions according to the respective federal states

Central sources of information:

  • Further information on the novel Coronavirus can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute
  • Current assessments of the situation on the World Health Organization website

Stay healthy!