Zweitaelerland: Couple hiking on the Zweiaeler trail near the Thomashut, Kandel ©ZweiTälerLand Tourismus (Patrick Kunkel)

Inspiring Germany

20 hikes for every season

Each season has its own charm and so hiking is an experience in every season. But which hiking trails are particularly suitable for the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter? We introduce you to a selection.


Rhineland-Palatinate: Hikers on the Moselsteig Rhineland-Palatinate: Hikers on the Moselsteig ©Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH (Dominik Kezt)

You should definitely visit this hiking trail in spring, because...

  • Karst Trail
    ...the karst region in the southern Harz presents itself from a particularly beautiful side in spring.
  • Zweitälersteig Trail
    ...among other things, the wide view from the Kandel plateau over the spring-like landscape of the southern Black Forest is worthwhile.
  • Albschäferweg Trail
    ...with its numerous sheep farms and juniper heaths, clear karst springs and calcareous grassland meadows, where large flocks graze again and again, it brings the old tradition of itinerant shepherding to life.
  • Moselsteig Trail
    …it leads through one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Europe, which appears in a very special way in spring.
  • Schlaubetal Trail
    …hiking in one of the most beautiful stream valleys in Brandenburg is very impressive, especially at this time of year.
  • Löwenpfad Orchideenpfad
    …it lives up to its name and presents hikers with a colorful sea of blooming orchids.


Lüneburg: A couple hikes through the heidschnuckenweg Lüneburg: A couple hikes through the heidschnuckenweg ©Lüneburger Heide GmbH (Dominik Ketz)

You should definitely enjoy this hiking trail in summer because...

  • Palatinate Forest Trail
    …it leads through Germany's largest forest area and thus promises shady-cool hiking pleasure.
  • Heidschnuckenweg Trail
    …the Lüneburg Heath is beautiful in August, when the heather blossoms and turns the landscape purple.
  • Harz Witches' Trail
    …it leads through the extensive forest landscape of the Harz, where shady passages alternate again and again with fantastic views.
  • Winterberger Hochtour Trail
    …it promises a sportive and challenging hiking tour between idyllic valleys, dense forests, blooming meadows and heaths.
  • Oderlandweg Trail
    …it leads through gently shady deciduous forests and thus promises the chance to cool down especially on hot days.
  • Schluchtensteig Trail in the Black Forest
    … on the way not only cool gorges, but also waterfalls are waiting to provide you with a refreshment.
  • Edersee Forest Walk
    …the sparkling wet of the Edersee and the cool shade of the extensive beech forests of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park are a wonderful combination for hot days.


Bechtolsheim: The Rheinhessen wine region Bechtolsheim: The Rheinhessen wine region ©Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH (DWI)

You should definitely experience this trail in autumn, because…

  • Hiwweltour Aulheim Valley
    …it runs through the heart of the wine region of Rheinhessen and is therefore especially worthwhile at this time of year, when you can marvel at the colorful leaves. It is not a coincidence that it was awarded the second most beautiful hiking trail among the day tours by Wandermagazin in 2022.
  • Werra Castle Trail in Hesse
    …the impressive castles along the way and the wide view over the autumn landscape of the Werra Valley promise hiking pleasure of a very special kind.
  • Kyffhäuser Trail
    …the almost Mediterranean-looking karst landscape is especially beautiful at this time of year.
  • Spessart Hills Trail 1 and 2
    …the Spessart Hills Trails not only lead through autumnal colorful deciduous forests, but are also varied and exciting beyond that.


Fichtelberg: Winter hiking in the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park Fichtelberg: Winter hiking in the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park ©DZT (Florian Trykowski)

You should definitely follow this path in winter, because...