Follow the course of ancient Roman roads through the province of Germania Superior. This about 500-kilometre journey of discovery links the Swabian Alb to Switzerland.

The Neckar-Alb-Aare Roman Route connects the most important original points within the former Roman province of Upper Germania. From the heights of the Swabian Alb dotted with castles, along the wildly romantic River Neckar, to the charming valleys of the High Rhine and River Aare, diverse landscapes and flourishing culture never fail to excite and inspire. All of the incredible finds unearthed in archaeological digs along this route paint a stunning picture of Roman culture, including viaducts, remnants of walls belonging to Roman farms and forts, thermal springs, baths and heating systems, aqueducts and latrines.

And the remarkable cultural landscape either side of the route doesn't disappoint either. Imposing castles, splendid palaces and romantic churches become even more exciting attractions thanks to events such as Roman days, games, feasts and races. Not to mention the themed museums along the route that showcase countless precious relics just waiting to be discovered all over again.

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