At the North/Central Black Forest Nature Park, one of the largest in Germany, visitors can experience wild nature at first hand and try typical Black Forest delicacies at the many establishments on site.

The scenery at the nature park is shaped by the cultural landscape typical of the Black Forest, alternating between huge expanses of wild, natural woodland and open meadows and pastures. No end of crucial habitats can be found here. Ice-Age cirque lakes and moors now provide a home for lots of rare wildlife species such as adders, pygmy owls and wood grouse, which have come to be the bird most associated with the Black Forest. The climate within the nature park ranges from Mediterranean in the Baden wine-growing areas to almost Scandinavian at the top of the Hornisgrinde, which reaches a height of 1,164 metres. Active holidaymakers are sure to be in their element here and there is plenty of chance to taste dishes that are typically served up in the local area.

Listen to the sounds of the Black Forest


You hear typical sounds from the Black Forest. Wind makes tree leaves and bushes rustle, birds chirp.

Source: Black Forest Tourist Board

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