In the south of Saxony-Anhalt, between Thuringia and Saxony, lies the Saale-Unstrut-Triasland Nature Park and Geopark. The landscape, culture and history come together here to create a stunning natural setting.

The Nebra Sky Disk is just one of the incredible range of attractions in the region. There's the wine-growing area with its distinct Mediterranean charm, beautiful examples of nature including 24 varieties of orchid and countless castles, palaces, abbeys and gardens. Having been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2018, Naumburg Cathedral with its famous Uta statue is right at the heart of the cultural landscape. Everything waiting to be explored at the nature park has close links to geology, as the use of "Triasland" (meaning "Triassic Land") suggests. Rocks from the Triassic period – red sandstone, shell limestone and keuper – were used as materials for the historical buildings and in the soil used for wine-growing and cultivating a wide variety of plants.

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