The Saxon Wine Route meanders through the varied cultural landscape between Pirna and Diesbar-Seusslitz near Meissen for almost 60 kilometres. The international Elbe Cycle Route and the Saxony Wine Trail follow alongside.

Centuries-old tradition has shaped the appearance of the stunning landscape along the Saxon Wine Route, where sloping vineyards, magnificent historical buildings and quaint little wine taverns in picturesque villages are never far away. Grapes have been grown in this part of Saxony for 800 years thanks to its mild climate. Visitors travelling along the Saxon Wine Route will be able to spot their first vines in Pirna, with more to follow in Pillnitz next to the splendid castle complex there and in the shadow of the trio of castles in the Elbe Valley near Dresden.

The next vines growing on terraces appear just outside of Dresden, in the direction of Meissen, on the Radebeul and Coswig slopes near Meissen. They end at the romantic Elbe wine-growing villages near Diesbar-Seusslitz. The route links the region's most beautiful gems, taking visitors to the finest vineyards, interesting viewpoints and, rather importantly, quaint wine cellars along the way.

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