A journey along the 550-kilometre Porcelain Route from Bamberg through Bayreuth to the Czech Republic in search of this special kind of white gold gives visitors the chance to uncover the history of porcelain spanning more than 300 years.

Visitors travelling along the Porcelain Route will experience beauty like never before as they pass through the stunning countryside of the Steigerwald, the Upper Main Valley, Coburg, the Franconian Forest, the Fichtelgebirge Mountains and the Upper Palatinate Forest. The proud history of local porcelain is on display at every turn, with museums, factory outlets for world-famous brands, specialist shops and manufactories showcasing the full range of this elegant and noble ceramic material. Visitors can snap up a bargain at the factory outlets, where they will find beautiful everyday pieces, luxurious designs and hand-painted one-off creations.

Many manufacturers offer factory tours, providing insights into how the raw porcelain mixture is moulded, fired, painted, decorated and glazed to create the final products. The European Industrial Museum for Porcelain and Technical Ceramics, the "Porzellanikon", in Selb provides in-depth information about everything from the origins of the first-ever ceramics to the lifestyle objects of the 21st century.

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