The Uckermärkische Seen Nature Park boasts gently rolling hills, wooded areas and 200 clear-water lakes, making it a paradise for swimmers, canoeists and nature lovers alike.

Covering almost 900 square kilometres, this cultural landscape in Brandenburg features 100 kilometres of waterways that delight canoe enthusiasts. Visitors who prefer to stay on dry land won't be disappointed either thanks to cycle paths and hiking trails covering 600 kilometres. When out exploring nature, adventurous holidaymakers may be lucky enough to spot an osprey, beaver or terrapin. The dense wooded area is home to precious old beech trees, some of which are 900 years old. Visitors are also sure to be impressed by the moors, old cobbled streets, alleys and charming little villages. Water babies will be pleased to hear that they can set off on a traditional rafting tour or even dedicate their whole holiday to rafting.

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