On this circular route, cyclists will find everything that Upper Swabia and the Württemberg Allgäu are known for. Historical buildings and museums, spas and thermal baths and Swabian hospitality await cyclists here.

The tour starts in Ulm, where the mighty cathedral towers over the old town and is well worth a visit. From there, the route runs clockwise through towns and villages such as Laupheim, Wangen im Allgäu, Markdorf and Aulendorf back to the start. Along the way, you will discover baroque churches and monasteries as well as stately castles such as the New Castle in Tettnang or the monastery in Bad Schussenried. Partly quite hilly, but also with many relaxed sections, the landscapes of the region are crossed, such as the Wurzacher and Federseeried moorlands. The latter is also home to three prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At Federsee, you can watch birds and photograph atmospheric motifs. The thermal spa in Bad Saulgau invites you to relax. The Alpine foothills provide the backdrop for a truly picture-perfect tour. In addition, there are always spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, which greet you from the southern shore of Lake Constance.

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