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Hamburg – Europe's green city on the Alster and Elbe

Hamburg has proved that living in a big city is no impediment to having natural beauty on your doorstep

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Hamburg and the North

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city - and Europe’s ninth largest with 5 million residents

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Hamburg – Germany’s Northern Port

Hamburg is the only major German city that, since 1933, had a Jewish mayor, and Hamburg’s

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Fashion, flair and tradition in Hamburg

Welcome to one of Europe’s best looking shopping metropolises – Hamburg! The city beckons with Hanseatic elegance and an ambience rendering shopping not only possible, but enjoyable. Giant buildings with world-class presence and brands to back them line the Mönckebergstraße and Spitalerstraße. Hamburg’s numerous shopping quarters such as the ABC quarter and the Colonnades are an alluring pull. The luxury zone “Neuer Wall” sports all the well-known top designer brands including Jil ...

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Hotels in Hamburg and the North

Whether you are looking for a chic-retreat, or some authentic industrial charm - Hamburg has

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Hamburg Kunsthalle: art masterpieces spanning 700 years

Every one of the museum's collections is important in its own right but in combination they have an immense impact. The museum presents the medieval altars of Master Bertram and Master Francke, 17th century Dutch paintings and 19th century German paintings with extensive groups of works by Caspar David Friedrich, Philipp Otto Runge, Adolph Menzel and Max Liebermann. Works of the Classical Modernist period include ...

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HafenCity, Hamburg

A planned development until 2025, Hamburg's HafenCity is a dynamic environment with a maritime feel that combines working, living, entertainment, leisure, tourism and retail. All public areas, the HafenCity Infocenter in the Kesselhaus and the Sustainability Pavilion have been made fully accessible.

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Schwarzlichtviertel – see the world in a whole new light!

Inside the Schwarzlichtviertel discovery world, with its cool, cross-generational appeal, everything is lit up by psychedelic, day-glo colours, whose impact is heightened by spectacular light and sound effects. How about a game of table football or air hockey in the Games & Fun area? Under blacklight, the games are faster, more thrilling and more fun. Playing blacklight pool with illuminated balls is a real ...

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Hamburg Dungeon: horrible histories in the Hanseatic city

your arrival. Hamburg Dungeon is a spine-chilling attraction that shows you the scary side of history

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