Hiddensee Island
Hiddensee Island © Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Thomas Grundner)

Hiddensee – a 'sweet little isle' in the Baltic Sea

Endless stretches of white, sandy beaches, broad expanses of salt marsh, wild, craggy cliffs and beautiful pine forests: Hiddensee is a land of beauty and of contrasts. A place to linger and relax.

The lovely island of Hiddensee covers just under 19 square kilometres and is located in the Baltic Sea to the west of Rügen. Affectionately known as the Söte Länneken ('sweet little isle') by its inhabitants, the island's delightful scenery and meditative tranquillity make it an enchanting destination that has become increasingly popular over the years. In 1990 Hiddensee became part of the Boddenlandschaft National Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The island is a protected breeding ground and resting place for a number of bird species under threat of extinction such as the little tern, and is also a habitat for cranes, geese ducks and waders. Regular guided walks around the island are available from June to September.

Hiddensee's special blend of unspoilt nature and total tranquillity has always attracted sentimental travellers including novelists, poets, artists and actors, who flocked – and continue to flock – to the island after the end of the First World War and established its reputation as an artistic destination. Today, the island is also popular with holidaying families, who can discover its many charms by foot, by bike or on horseback. A range of friendly places to stay provide a warm welcome to guests, and an evening meal of freshly fried or smoked local fish (eaten best in a breadcrumb or egg coating) is the perfect way to round off the day. Sea buckthorn, which grows all over the island, is used as an ingredient in delicious cakes and juice drinks. But for an extra-special finish to a hearty dinner, we recommend a shot of sea buckthorn schnapps.

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