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  • Poel Island
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איי הים הבלטי: עיירות מרפא לחופי הים, יוקרה, שלווה גופנית ונפשית ומפרצים מבודדים

מי שמחפש מקום של בריאות נפשית וגופנית ושל שלווה ימצא את מבוקשו באיי הים הבלטי ובהיצע הרחב שהם מספקים. חופי רחצה יפהפיים ונופי מיוחדים במינם מהווים מוקד משיכה לרומנטיקנים ולמחפשי השלווה.

Rügen is Germany's largest island. Its 926 square kilometres contain everything you need for a perfect holiday: Baltic beaches as far as the eye can see, unspoilt natural surroundings and luxurious seaside resorts. A dream – in the middle of the Baltic.

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The island of Poel is an enticing destination, thanks to its healthy sea air and picturesque scenery. Beautiful natural surroundings, long sandy beaches and a charming harbour district are all features of the largest Baltic island in the Bay of Mecklenburg.

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42 km of fine white sandy beach, five piers, uniquely preserved spa architecture and untouched natural landscapes with 200 km of cycle paths and 400 km of hiking trails await you!

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Ummanz, Rügen's small sister island in the Baltic Sea, has a special ambiance of calm and tranquillity. With its charming fishing villages and unspoilt scenery, it offers everything you need for a relaxing break.

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Endless stretches of white, sandy beaches, broad expanses of salt marsh, wild, craggy cliffs and beautiful pine forests: Hiddensee is a land of beauty and of contrasts. A place to linger and relax.

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With 2,200 hours of sun every year, endless stretches of natural beaches along 78 kilometres of coastline, picturesque freshwater lakes and rugged cliffs, Fehmarn is an idyllic holiday destination.

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