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Black Forest

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Black Forest National Park – wild and untamed

What captivates people most about the Black Forest National Park is its untamed beauty. As you explore the deep-green forests, you'll be spellbound by the wild and dramatic scenery and the far-reaching views.

This 10,000-hectare national park in Baden-Württemberg is situated in the North/Central Black Forest Nature Park, and with mountains reaching up to 1,000 metres it offers enjoy glorious views of the Rhineland Plain and the hill ranges of the Black Forest. As mountain streams babble and shimmering rays of sunlight permeate through the leafy canopy, you can do nothing but marvel at the beauty of this centuries-old woodland and the idyllic mountain heaths.

Nature that is anything but tame

The remarkable feature of this national park is that some areas have been able to develop for more than 100 years without human intervention. This means that all the animals and plants that are found here live in authentic, natural surroundings. To explore the region, the best place to start is in the middle: in Baiersbronn.

Perfect for inquiring minds

Many tours, trips and events encourage visitors to learn more about the forest. A ranger tour on the Lothar Trail or a trip to the Allerheiligen waterfalls are good opportunities to quench your thirst for knowledge about this unique biotope.

Discovery tours on land and water

Active holidaymakers in the national park have a great choice of discovery trails, footpaths and cycling routes, such as the Black Forest Panorama Cycle Route. But there are also many more attractions that offer unforgettable experiences. How about an invigorating raft ride on the river Murg or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure at the mountain cart track in Baiersbronn?

Black Forest National Park

Unique features

  • Natural woodland dating back over 100 years

Ranger tours, rafting, mountain cart track, winter sports, walking, cycling

Forests, heathland, lakes, fens

Contact for accessible holidays
Hans-Peter Matt
Email: matt@mahp.de
Tel: +49 (0)7832 994 296

Travel information
Closest ICE train station: Baden-Baden (36km)
Closest major city: Karlsruhe (80km)

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