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Lake Zenssee in the Uckermark region

Uckermark Lakes Nature Park – go with the flow

The Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, a scenic area of forests and gently rolling hills with 200 freshwater lakes, is a paradise for swimmers, canoeists and nature lovers.

Covering an area of almost 900 square kilometres, this landscape in Brandenburg is a particular favourite among canoeists as it offers 100 kilometres of waterways. On land, there are 600 kilometres of marked cycle paths and walking trails to navigate such as the Uckermark Country Loop Trail.

Wonders of nature

If you love nature and wildlife, you'll be in your element in the Uckermark region. You might see an osprey circling overhead, catch sight of a beaver or a European pond turtle, or come across a 900-year-old beech tree.

Beauty as far as the eye can see

While half of the region is given over to dense forests, the rest is a mix of fens and pretty villages with cobbled streets and beautiful tree-lined avenues. Almost all the villages have a welcoming inn and a swimming lake with excellent water quality, so they make great places to stop off at on your tour.

Rafting: an Uckermark tradition

A rafting tour in the Uckermark region is something quite special and is part of a tradition that dates back centuries. You can even spend your whole holiday rafting with the family. You don't even need a licence. Just a taste for adventure.

On the nature trail

If you would like to broaden your horizons without taking to the water, you can embark on a fascinating tour of the park with a nature guide and see ancient beech forests, spot traces of beaver activity and discover places off the beaten track.

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