Poel Island
Poel Island ©Kurverwaltung (René Legrand)

Poel – a beautiful Baltic Sea island

The island of Poel is an enticing destination, thanks to its healthy sea air and picturesque scenery. Beautiful natural surroundings, long sandy beaches and a charming harbour district are all features of the largest Baltic island in the Bay of Mecklenburg.

The tranquil island of Poel is situated between the three Hanseatic towns of Rostock, Wismar and Lübeck. Covering an area of 40 square kilometres, this lush green haven boasts salt marshes with an abundant variety of flora and fauna, and long stretches of beaches. The island's countryside is rich and diverse, with rugged cliffs standing in contrast to the gently sloping sandy beaches.

Poel is a treasure trove of rare bird and plant species, which, like the salt marshes, are given special protected status. The small sister island of Langenwerder, located just offshore to the north of Gollwitz, became the region's first designated bird sanctuary nearly 100 years ago. Guided walks of the island provide a great chance to get close-up views of the breeding marine birds.

Visitors to Poel often go on boat trips to nearby towns, with sailings to Hanseatic Wismar from the picturesque harbour in Kirchdorf a particular favourite. Those who prefer a more active boat ride can charter a fishing cutter in Timmendorf and venture out into the Baltic Sea, where the ship's captain will show them the best places to drop anchor and enjoy a spot of traditional fishing.

The island also has a huge number of sporting activities on offer, including pedal boats, windsurfing, sailing trips, water skiing, beach soccer, tennis and horse riding. And after so much sport and exploring, where better to enjoy the evening than in one of the island's beautifully appointed holiday homes or hotels?

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