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For just a few days in the mating season moor frogs turn blue and can be seen in various locations, such as Salem Moor or Grundloser Kolk Lake in Mölln.

Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park – a hill landscape from the ice age

Between Hamburg, Lübeck and the former border between East and West Germany lies the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, with its deep forests, countless lakes, marshland and numerous cultural monuments.

In south-east Schleswig-Holstein man and nature coexist in harmony. In this hilly, glacier-formed landscape in the former Duchy of Lauenburg, flora and fauna thrive undisturbed on the former East German border. With over 40 lakes of all sizes, the area between Lübeck and Lauenburg/Elbe is a treasure trove of nature. In the north, 26 per cent of the area is covered by forest. At the same time, this area of countryside around Hamburg contains countless monuments and artistic and historical jewels.

The largest lakes in the 474 square metre reserve, Lake Ratzeburg and Lake Schaalsee, are a leisure and water sports destination and a habitat for indigenous wildlife such as cranes, white-tailed eagles and other endangered flora and fauna. The park is also a major European stopover for migratory birds.

With its many trails for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, the region around Lauenburg on the Elbe-Lübeck Canal provides plenty of opportunities for relaxing and enjoying nature and the great outdoors. You can take a canoe or boat trip on the rivers or lakes, or try regional game and fish dishes in the farm cafés and country inns. The towns of Ratzeburg, Mölln and Büchen offer a historical perspective from the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League and the Old Salt Road right up to the division of East and West Germany. And there are museums showing the work of Ernst Barlach, A. Paul Weber and Till Eulenspiegel.

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