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Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – the land of endless horizons

The Rhön hills are located in the heart of Germany and offer a wealth of beautiful scenery as well as the chance to go gliding, do water sports and indulge in a spot of star gazing.

Known as the 'land of endless horizons', the Rhön hills are situated at the tripoint of Bavaria, Hessen and Thuringia. Here, walkers and cyclists are forever discovering new and breathtaking trails that take them past orchards, meadows and fields of happily grazing Rhön sheep.

A paradise for walkers and nature lovers

Many people enthuse about walks on the Hochrhöner Trail, which was voted Germany's most beautiful walking route in 2010. The marked trails on the Green Belt route and on Mount Gangolfsberg and Mount Milseburg are also popular and take you right to the heart of the ancient woodland.

Gliding across the water or high up in the skies

The landscape here lends itself to all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Mount Wasserkuppe – the highest mountain in Hessen and the birthplace of gliding – is a popular launch site for gliding enthusiasts from all over the world, while the rushing waters of the pristine rivers are ideal for kayaking fans.

Reminders of the time of the Iron Curtain

One of the Cold War's 'hottest' spots can be found in the biosphere reserve. The Point Alpha Memorial Site serves as a reminder of the time when the Iron Curtain divided Europe.

Under starry skies

The Rhön hills are a stellar destination for anyone with an interest in astronomy. This area has been designated an international star park because it offers such clear and uninterrupted views of the starry sky. What better opportunity to see what's written in the stars.

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