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A flock of birds over the Wadden Sea
Elongated Spree Forest log cabin with thatched roof and clay pots in front of it
Ramsau – autumn in the Berchtesgadener Land Biosphere
Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Walking in the Digelfeld nature conservation area
Narrow-leaved cotton grass
pollarded willows are typical features of the riverscapes here.

生物圈保护区 – 人与自然和谐共处

风景迷人又肩负使命,这 16 个生物圈保护区全部促进了人与自然和谐共处。 在拜访偏远牧场和传统村庄的过程中,在徒步穿过极具浪漫色彩的山坡葡萄园和风景如画的果园的旅途中,您都能感受到这种和谐的氛围。 与大自然合二为一,融入其中,感受最真实的自己。

Brand 24, 79677 Schönau im Schwarzwald

The UNESCO Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve is known for its swathes of orchids, beautiful riverside meadows and beech forests, as well as being a habitat for rare animal species. You can easily tour the area by bike, electric bike, on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. read more »

There is much more to the Elbe than the cities of Hamburg and Dresden . The river loops through stunning natural and man-made landscapes, flowing past pristine meadows, white sandy beaches and wooded hills. read more »

The Rhön hills are located in the heart of Germany and offer a wealth of beautiful scenery as well as the chance to go gliding, do water sports and indulge in a spot of star gazing. read more »

Germany's only alpine biosphere reserve provides plenty of scope for active pursuits and relaxation with its unspoilt nature and picturesque landscapes. read more »

The Hamburg Wadden Sea Biosphere Reserve in northern Germany surrounds a small group of islands that lie at the mouth of the Elbe river near the town of Cuxhaven. In 1992 the site became part of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme. read more »

Every year, thousands of migrating birds such as geese and cranes break their journey at Lake Schaalsee, where there is now a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Like the birds, visitors here will find tranquillity in a natural setting. read more »

The wide expanses of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea Biosphere Reserve stretch along the North Sea coast and out to sea to a line just the other side of the East Frisian islands. read more »

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