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All nature parks from A to Z
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Upper Bavarian Forest
Lake Steinhude
Sternberg Lakes
Mount Arber in autumn
Fläming Hills
Watery Nettetal Forest on the Dutch border
Summer view of Präg glacier basin with the village of Präg and boulder scree
Bergisches Land
Barnim Nature Park: Konik horses grazing
Schlaubetal Valley
Lower Lusatian Ridge
Upper Palatinate Forest
For just a few days in the mating season moor frogs turn blue and can be seen in various locations, such as Salem Moor or Grundloser Kolk Lake in Mölln.

Nature parks – adventures in the great outdoors

Germany's 104 nature parks showcase the country's most beautiful landscapes. Picturesque lakes and riverscapes. Islands and moors. Diverse woodland, hills and mountains. All these, plus a range of activities, are available for you to experience. Together, the nature parks make up over one quarter of Germany's land area, representing a diversity that offers something for everyone.

The land between the Rhine, Odenwald forest and Neckar river is characterised by over 500 million years of geological history, diverse natural surroundings and good old-fashioned hospitality. read more »

The Harz Mountains Nature Park, located in Germany's northernmost highlands, is a landscape of great diversity comprising broad upland plains and meadows, and wild and romantic wooded valleys. read more »

Ancient castles, gentle hills, cool streams and sprawling forests are characteristic features of this nature reserve in the south-west of Brandenburg – a walker's paradise just outside Berlin . read more »

This nature park near Germany's border with Belgium delights visitors with its romantic castles, magnificent palaces and countless wild daffodils that bloom every spring. read more »

In the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein , you can enjoy the hilly lakeland scenery on foot, by bike, by boat or on horseback – and then unwind in the picturesque towns and villages. read more »

Situated in the heart of Hessen , the Lahn-Dill-Bergland Nature Park is bordered by the Lahn and Dill rivers. Twenty different walking trails make up an outstanding network of premium routes. read more »

Between Hamburg, Lübeck and the former border between East and West Germany lies the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, with its deep forests, countless lakes, marshland and numerous cultural monuments. read more »

The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is situated in northern Germany in the triangle created by Hamburg , Bremen and Hannover , read more »

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