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German Hygiene Museum Dresden

With its "Human Adventure" permanent exhibition and "Our Five Senses" children's museum, the German Hygiene Museum is one of Dresden's most important and innovative cultural attractions.

Founded in 1912, this well-established museum has come to be a scientific, cultural and social forum known throughout Germany. Here, visitors are encouraged to explore the human adventure. The permanent exhibition focuses on "Health and the Body", with exhibits, media installations and lots of interactive points used to bring the information to life. Countless objects from the museum's extensive collection appear in the permanent exhibition, including the "Transparent Man".

The "Food and Drink" zone uses state-of-the-art settings, such as an interactive supermarket and a flavour station, to refine the senses of smell and taste, to convey all there is to know about nutrition. The interactive children's museum called "Our Five Senses" is open alongside the permanent exhibition. Here, special temporary exhibitions look into various aspects of science, society, art and culture from the past and present. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–6 pm

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