The well-signposted Lower Saxony Asparagus Route is a loop covering 750 km through Lower Saxony's asparagus country, starting and ending in Burgdorf, the home of asparagus, and taking in the asparagus-growing regions of Brunswick, Lüneburg Heath, Mittelweser and Oldenburg Münsterland along the way.

The Lower Saxony Asparagus Route has a culinary success story to tell. From March onwards, the asparagus fields are a prominent feature of huge sections of the region's countryside. The harvest season between the end of April and the end of June is an interesting time of year, when the asparagus spears are cut, sold and served up in no end of different dishes in restaurants. Once the harvest is over, it's still easy to spot the asparagus fields well into the autumn thanks to their green plants with red berries.

For many years now, the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route has been associated with top-quality asparagus, beautiful landscapes with picturesque heathlands, natural fens, fascinating sights, interesting attractions, brilliant festivals, markets and special events. In fact, it's well worth paying the region a visit even when asparagus season is over. Most people don't realise that growing asparagus is a long and tricky business. And yet there are few greater pleasures than eating it!

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