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Lower Saxony Asparagus Route – A epicurean tour through asparagus country

In Germany every fifth spear of asparagus is grown in the asparagus-growing state of Lower Saxony. The 750 km Lower Saxony Asparagus Route takes visitors on a gourmet tour through the asparagus growing regions of Braunschweig, Hannover and Umland, Lüneburg Heath, the Mittelweser and Oldenburg Münsterland. The signposted route starts and ends in Burgdorf and runs parallel to the Asparagus Cycling Trail.

Motorways are practical; they generally get us from A to B pretty fast. Shame then that they often also cause us to miss out on local gems. Sometimes, it's worth making the time to stop and stare: when you pass through asparagus country, step off the beaten track and plunge right into the green heart of Lower Saxony. The Lower Saxony Asparagus Route tells the tale of a real culinary success story!

Asparagus as far as the eye can see

The asparagus fields are a dominant feature of the region's landscape from as early as March, with the spears themselves being harvested from the end of April to the end of June (Midsummer's Day), depending on the weather. Once the harvest is over, the green plants and red berries mean the asparagus fields are still easily recognisable well into the autumn. The harvest season, when the asparagus is cut, sold and served in a variety of different ways in local restaurants, is a particularly interesting time for visitors.

So much to do and see even once asparagus season is over

For over ten years, the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route has been synonymous with high-quality asparagus, charming countryside and idyllic heathlands, wild fens, interesting attractions, magnificent festivals, markets and special events. In fact, there's so much to see and do here, it's even worth visiting when asparagus season is over.

Useful and delicious

Asparagus is one of the oldest plant crops and was even known to the Ancient Egyptians. Its history can be traced back from the Romans and right up to the present day. What's more, its medicinal properties have always been highly-prized. Growing asparagus is a lengthy, painstaking process, however, enjoying it couldn't be easier: asparagus goes well with any number of side dishes, sauces and even on its own.

Lower Saxony Asparagus Route

Length: approximately 750 km

Theme: the culture and nature of the Lower Saxony asparagus regions

Ahnsbeck: village chapel, bakehouse
Bruchhausen-Vilsen: heritage railway (Museums-Eisenbahn)
Burgdorf: medieval asparagus town, the Asparagus Collection (Spargelsammlung)
Cloppenburg: open-air museum
Hoya: State Riding School
Nienburg: Asparagus Museum (Spargelmuseum), Asparagus Queen Pageant
Landesbergen: the Radler-Scheune barn, trains for wedding ceremonies
Rehden: sheep farm, Western-style ranch (Westernreithof)
Uetze: Erse theme park, trestle windmill