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Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park
Bavarian Forest National Park
Treetop trail at Hainich National Park
Harz National Park, Goethe Trail
Schleswig-Holstein National Park: Wadden Sea coastal mudflats
Müritz National Park
Jasmund National Park: view from Kollicker Ort

国家公园 – 原生态美景令人陶醉

大自然才是这里的导演 – 人类只需尽享美景并由衷赞叹:在 16 个国家公园一望无际的壮丽美景中,受到精心保护的自然将毫无保留的向您展现她原汁原味的特有活力。 独特的自然景观、令人印象深刻的丰富动植物世界在您眼前徐徐展开。 请亲身体验大自然那不可抗拒的力与美!

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is located in the north of Germany. It surrounds a small group of islands on the North Sea coast off Cuxhaven, just beyond the Elbe estuary, and protects around 12,000 hectares of coastal mudflats. read more »

Bavaria, located in the south-eastern corner of Germany, is home to the country's first national park, which was founded in 1970 and extended to its present size of 243 square kilometres in 1997. read more »

Der Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft stellt das größte Schutzgebiet der Ostsee dar. Von der Halbinsel Darß-Zingst bis zur Westküste Rügens erstreckt sich eine Landschaft aus Steilküsten und Dünen, Nehrungen und Strandseen, die sowohl Strandurlauber als auch Waldliebhaber anspricht. 继续阅读»

Breathtaking mountain scenery, picturesque lakes and lush green forests are the hallmarks of Berchtesgaden National Park, one of the oldest conservation areas in the Alps. read more »

What captivates people most about the Black Forest National Park is its untamed beauty. As you explore the deep-green forests, you'll be spellbound by the wild and dramatic scenery and the far-reaching views. read more »

In Hainich National Park, part of the World Heritage region of Wartburg Hainach, world history comes face to face with nature: what was once a military exclusion zone is now the largest unbroken expanse of mixed deciduous forest in Europe. read more »

The Harz National Park is located within Germany's most northerly mountain range. Together with the surrounding Harz Mountains Nature Park and Geopark , it is one of the most popular areas for walking and skiing in northern Germany. With sections in both Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony , the park offers a mix of ancient legends and rugged scenery and is a popular tourist destination all year round. read more »

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