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How well do you know Germany? Take on the challenge and test your knowledge of Germany with our quiz or take a look at our recipes and cook a traditional German meal at home. For your evening chill out session check out our playlists of diverse German music and “The Sounds of Germany”.


Try our German Recipes

Test your knowledge about Germany

Swabian Vegetable Maultaschen with Roasted Onions, German Cuisine ©Westend61 (Ina Peters)

History of the Maultasche

There are a few myths about the creation of the recipe for the Maultasche, a Swabian, meat filled dumpling, around 1790. Legend says the dish was created by nuns and monks in the beautiful monastry of Maulbronn (hence the name Maultasche in German) for a specific reason…

Several bars of chocolate ©StockFood (Luzia Ellert)

Germans love chocolate

Germany is the world’s second top consumer of chocolates. The choice of German chocolate brands and sweets available in shops and online, such as marzipan or gummi bears, is just mind-boggling. In a year, how much chocolate does Germany consume per person?

Bonn: Old Town Hall ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

German Unity

On October 3rd, 2020, Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of its reunification. Before reunification, which city was the capital of West Germany?

Freunde in Trachten stoßen mit Bier auf Oktoberfest an ©Getty images (wundervisuals)

Beer Knowledge

In total, there are approximately 1,300 breweries in Germany. Together they produce a variety of over 5,000. Now, in Germany a Maß is used to describe a quantity of beer usually served in Bavaria. How much beer is in a German Maß glass?  

Dortmund: Fußballmuseum; Siegerehrung Ferienaktion mit Kindern ©Deutsches Fußballmuseum (Carsten Kobow)


Having won four FIFA world cup finals and boasting 12 FIFA world cup stadiums, Germany is one of the world’s top ranking football nation. In which year did Germany last host the world cup?

Ostsee: Familie am Wasser ©Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Timo Roth)

Guess my name

Many German surnames have a longstanding tradition and in many cases, they originate from former job descriptions. Which is the most common German surname?

Reutlingen: View of the "Lichtenstein Fairytale Castle" in Baden-Württemberg ©DZT (Francesco Carovillano)

Story time

Together, the Grimm brothers have published over 200 fairytale stories, which have been translated into 160 languages. Which of the following fairytales is not a Brothers Grimm story?

Dresden: Filmnächte am Elbufer ©DZT (Florian Trykowski)

A little bit of Hollywood in Germany

Many successful actors from Hollywood have German roots. Which of the following Hollywood actors do you think has a German parent?

Dogs in the field ©Lookphotos (age fotostock)

Dogs – our furry friends

Besides the famous German Shepherd, Germany counts almost 40 different dog breeds. Some of them are even named after German cities, do you recognize which one?

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum ©Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH (SMG) (Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH)

German cars

The world loves cars from German manufacturers. That's why they are represented twice in the top 5 of the largest automobile manufacturers. Which of the following brand is not made in Germany?

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Enjoy the Sounds of Germany

You may not have heard it like this before: turn up the volume and enjoy your next travel adventure. Whether you are looking for the exciting hustle and bustle of big cities or the soothing silence of nature, you will find them in the sounds and noises of Germany as a travel destination.

Put on your headphones and enjoy the Sounds of Germany!

The Music Destination Germany as a Podcast:

Many great composers have inspired and influenced Germany with their works. We are happy to take you on a journey through Ludwig van Beethoven’s life.

Press "Play" and let yourself be inspired by one of the six podcast episodes about his work and stations of his life.

Bonn: Beethoven House

Beethoven was born in Bonn and went on to spend the first 22 years of his life in the city. In the first episode of our podcast series on Ludwig van Beethoven, we take you on a tour of the house in which the exceptional musician was born and grew up as well as his local bars and other haunts. The 22 historical locations on the BTHVN Tour of Bonn and the surrounding area reveal a lot about the influence the city had on one of the world's greatest composers of all time.


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Fancy some pop and rock “Made in Germany”?

Starting falteringly in the 50s, German pop developed slowly but surely. What seemed home-grown talent at first travelled happily to the four corners of the globe and climbed the charts around the world. The following decades brought innovation and diversification. Heavy Metal rocked not only the stages at such iconic venues as Rock am Ring and Berlin’s Waldbühne, Germany’s music scene thrived and re-invented itself.

New impetus was provided by Techno influencing a whole generation of artists throughout the musical community. Nina’s 99 Balloons was a statement of joy which the world shared with us after the Fall of the Wall. To this day German pop and rock artists are a firm and much-loved facet of German culture and a reflection of the freedom to express our feelings.

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From Germany to the stages of the world - The success story of German DJs

German DJs like Felix Jaehn, Robin Schulz, Alle Farben or Zedd play their sets on the biggest stages in the world and at world famous festivals like Tomorrowland. Through collaborations with some of the most famous artists ranking high in global charts such as Nick Jonas, Steve Aoki and many more, the German DJ scene has long made a name for itself.

From techno to trance - our playlist takes you on a journey through different genres of the German DJ scene and will not only bring the current beats from Germany but also old electronic classics to your living room.

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Hooked on the classics?

From the unashamedly romantic piano compositions of Robert Schumann to the innovative and far-out auditory sensations of Karlheinz Stockhausen; from the fiery fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach to the drama and splendour of Wagner’s Ring: each musical era has given birth to German composers of world-class stature.

And Germany’s musical heritage continues to the present with electrifying orchestra performances, a strong tradition of choir-singing and the passionate interpretations of our classical singers touching all our hearts and delighting a world-wide audience.

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UN – BEAT – ABLE! A piece of German musical culture

Germany is known for its traditions, which are maintained and valued until today. Schlager music is a big part of it, since it should not be missed at any festivity. Lived and loved, Schlager meets the taste of young and old alike.

After all, the name of this genre is derived from the English word "hit" and thus literally enjoys an unquestionable success in Germany and around the world.

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Between the sea and the Alps – Beethoven's travels through Germany

Beethoven left an impressive mark on Germany. Both in terms of music and as a traveller. His home is in Bonn in the hilly Middle Rhine Valley near the Siebengebirge mountains. At the tender age of 8, he travelled to Cologne for a performance. The stops on his travels that ultimately led him to Vienna include Koblenz, Limburg and Frankfurt am Main, Würzburg, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Passau, Munich and Augsburg. In summer 1791, he travelled by ship along the Rhine and Main with his patron Archduke Maximilian Francis, where he stopped in Aschaffenburg. As it happens, Beethoven was to go on his most important concert tour five years later. It took him to Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin and its highlight was a performance for King Frederick William II.

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